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Peaceful Sanctuary Sheltered by the Forest

Situated just outside Seattle on the banks of the White River, just five miles from Mt. Rainier, this quiet and unassuming building blends perfectly into the surrounding forest. Surrounded by evergreens with a dark façade of Western red cedar, this contemporary building is more than a match for its immediate environment.

The courtyard from the building’s title is the entrance area for the property, and also acts as a transitional space, neither outdoor nor indoor. It also serves a dual purpose – keeping the local elk herds from walking right into the building!

One of the most beautiful features of the property is its steel-clad fireplace, which separates the terrace area from the rest of the building. The contemporary style of the building’s exterior is complemented perfectly with a warm yet modern palette within, with lots of natural wood and white walls to make the most of the generous natural light afforded by the glazed walls.

The gentle slant of the building’s roof means the courtyard is a majestic double-height space, which continues into the dining area and main social space of the house. A shorter annexe separated by a simple corridor provides the sleeping space and a small study room, perfect for relaxation – and hiding from those ubiquitous elks.

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Alex Wright, Editor