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Revealed: The Best Months to Sell Your UK Property

As 2024’s UK property market hots up, new data has revealed the optimal months for listing your property for sale based on buyer activity and the quickest time to sell. Intrigued to find out when? Read on to find out how you can leverage the peak selling periods and discover expert advice to help make your property stand out from the crowd!

According to the research, February has emerged as the best month for listing properties on the market, with property listings typically finding buyers the quickest.

Properties listed on the market in both January and February, secure buyers in 51 days, on average, which is slightly faster than March (52 days), with February securing an impressive 66.4 per cent success rate in finding buyers while March achieved a 66.3 per cent success rate. All-in-all making early spring a prime time for sellers.

The research also found that February listings are the most likely to progress to completion while being the least likely to be withdrawn by the owner from the market.

Furthermore, this year’s property market has witnessed a significant increase in buyer activity, with an 8 per cent rise in buyer enquiries and an 11 per cent increase in new property listings, indicating heightened interest from both buyers and sellers.

Tim Bannister, property expert at Rightmove, which shared this data representing millions of property sales dating back to 2012, suggested: “For those who are flexible about when they decide to sell, the data shows typically the start of the year has been particularly strong. It’s also when we’ve historically seen the most buyers sending enquiries to agents, so it’s a great time for those looking to sell to make sure they are listed, their marketing is strong and they’re pricing attractively enough against other sellers.”

Insider tips when looking to sell

Rightmove also compiled valuable advice for sellers from estate agents across the country.

Vaughan Schofield from Belvoir Wrexham stressed the importance of first impressions: “The front driveway and external appearance are far more important than many realise,” he advised. Hannah Towers from Armitstead Barnett echoed this sentiment, advising a well-maintained exterior can help buyers visualise the property as their dream home.

Lee Koffman from Robert Irving Burns advised against treating the sale as just a transaction. “People are looking for a home, not just a property,” he said while suggesting that sellers create a welcoming atmosphere and declutter to enhance their property’s appeal.

Koffman also advised sellers to address minor issues before listing: “Don’t risk potentially losing thousands off the asking price, because you didn’t do a hundred pounds worth of repairs,” he asserted.

Addressing pets, Donald Young from James Agent cautions against having them roaming around free viewings. “Your potential buyer may not be a fan,” he warned. Young also suggested that expensive upgrades like new kitchens or bathrooms are often unnecessary and may not significantly increase the property’s value.

Despite their research showing the spring is a great time to sell, Rightmove’s Tim Bannister, offered up his final advice for sellers, saying ultimately: “The best time to get moving is when it’s right for you.”




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Alex Wright, Editor