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A Stunning Cylindrical Beach House Created By Austin Maynard

A communal and laid-back atmosphere has been created by Austin Maynard Architects in their Australian St. Andrews Beach property. The owner decided they wanted to kick the idea of an overly-spacious second home into touch and instead opt for a modest build that unobtrusively nestles itself among sand dunes and the wildlife of the Mornington Peninsula.

As mentioned, the work was carried out by Austin Maynard, a Melbourne-based team. Their design took inspiration from New Zealand’ backs – small shack-like beach houses often made using recycled materials. However, this design was not to be made as a holiday beach home, but rather like a hard vertical tent, said the architects themselves.

The setting of this two-storey home is St. Andrews Beach, which neighbours a delightful national park. It surrounds sand dunes, scrubland and wild bush. The building, therefore, was made with respect for the surrounding natural ecosystem. This was done by reducing the build’s footprint. The property takes advantage of surrounding views, in fact, the unique shape was a product of the setting it sits in.

The architects stated they opted not to include a corridor in their circular design because the two do not marry well. Moreover, the interior does not boast modern appliances and luxuries, this was done on purpose as a way to connect the property with its natural landscape.

The beach home has a circular design with a noteworthy vertical aesthetic. This generates two storeys with a spiral staircase as the centrepiece. The circular design means there is no main living space, but multiple views are given of the different surroundings to be enjoyed. This connection with the outdoor space is enhanced even more with doors that open and let the air and light enter an interior decking area. The home features simple wood and metals with accents of green. These touches are again made to be in touch with the natural surroundings.

Austin Maynard Architects have also produced an astonishing ocean-facing New South Wales property, and a unique old stable conversion.

Images courtesy of: Derek Swalwell / Austin Maynard Architects

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Alex Wright, Editor