World's Coolest Property

The Perfect Property to Stay Cool in the Texan Sunshine

The blistering heat of Texas requires something special to help residents stay cool. The oversized roof on the Balcones House does just the trick, providing shelter and shade from the strong sunshine without compromising on the aesthetic of the property.

The building looks simple enough from the outside – it appears as a two-story box-shaped abode with glazing around the upper level. Inside, the property features a central wood volume, which all of the interior spaces are built around. This volume helps to add texture to the interior, as well as regulating the temperature of the building.

Downstairs, large sliding glass doors help to blur the lines between inside and outside, with a gravel courtyard and swimming pool also forming part of the living space. The upper level, as mentioned, is encased in full-length windows, giving the residents the sensation that they are perched in the treetops. A screened porch off the master bedroom is a particular highlight of the property, with views over the local skyline just visible across the landscape.

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Alex Wright, Editor