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This Contemporary Oasis Blends in With The Forest

Vertical House is a contemporary oasis situated in the middle of Dallas, designed by Miro Rivera Architects and drawing inspiration from the forest-like environment to create a striking residence that really interacts with its surroundings.

Flanked by exotic plants and with a dramatic view of the Dallas skyline, this beautiful building stands at sixty feet tall, and is sharply detailed from every angle. Two screened walls help to provide a little shade and shelter from the Dallas heat, as well as ensuring the inhabitants have a little privacy. The rear of the building features stunning walls of glass which help to blur the boundaries between inside and outside, as well as providing amazing views of the lush greenery to the exterior.

Inside, the pristine white walls and concrete floors are connected with a marble accent, which runs through the entire building. A giant stairway connects all three floors at one side of the house, and it even leads up to the roof, where a charming terrace provides unparalleled views of the metropolis beyond. Visitors to this breath-taking, secluded spot are offered respite from the strong Dallas sunshine by one of the screen walls, which juts out at a ninety-degree angle to provide some much-needed shade.

This intriguing, sculptural home is perfectly at one with its surroundings, and despite being eminently modern, it never feels out of touch with the tropical ambience of its setting.

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Alex Wright, Editor