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Punkt Introduce LTE Version of its Minimalist Phone

The MP01 from Swiss company Punkt, was released during the minimalist phone trend, a trend that brought a flurry of so-called ‘dumbphones’ that could be used to make calls and text only. The company has given its response to the various critiques of the MP01’s ability to even do the basics, with a brand new model – the MP02.

Although it looks almost identical to the MP01, it is 4G LTE rather than being just 2G, and features the additional Blackberry Secure encryption tech and threaded SMS. If you invest in this and want to make use of the good ol’ internet, you can actually use the MP02 as a hotspot for connecting your laptop or tablet.

While you can still buy MP01 models, as 2G networks are slowly being phased out, it will eventually be unusable – hence the release of the MP02. The MP02 is slicker and cooler than many of its competitors and was designed by Jasper Morrison, an industrial engineer from the UK.

It has a very solid feel with a Gorilla Glass two-inch display and runs on the QUALCOMM Snapdragon 210 processor. It can be charged using a USB-C cable and lasts for around 12 days. Along with texting and phone calls, it also has a calculator, calendar, notes app and clock.

Images courtesy of Punkt

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Alex Wright, Editor