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Mirrored Glass Home – Yours for Under £28,000

Estonian company ÖÖD has been making waves in the world of architecture with its incredible mirrored-glass prefabricated home. The design can go from flat-pack to fully-fledged living space in just eight hours, and is the latest in a long line of prefabricated homes that are increasing in popularity.

In a world where companies like Airbnb have created enormous demand for contemporary, short-term living spaces, ÖÖD has tapped into something unique. These modular pods can double up as tiny hotel rooms, or they can be purchased individually by anyone wanting to downsize and join the tiny house social movement . The units measure in at 200-square-feet, and have a studio layout, with an area for a bed, a small kitchenette and a shower cubicle all within one simple, open-plan space.

The pods do currently have to be hooked up to water and electricity resources, but ÖÖD plans to introduce sustainable, self-sufficient systems into the prefabricated homes, which would technically mean they could be set up anywhere in the world.

The interior of the pods are impressive, with a range of interesting and carefully chosen features. Adjustable heating ensures the homes are suitable for any climates, and the modifiable LED lighting throughout keeps electricity costs low. The pods come fully kitted out with Bose sound systems and a touch-screen device, so residents will still benefit from all the modern conveniences they’re used to. The furniture within has been tailored specifically for the home, in the typical style that ÖÖD has become renowned for – cosy, comfortable and fairly minimal.

But it’s the exterior of these amazing homes that truly takes the breath away. Three of the pod’s external walls are mirrored, which means they blend amazingly into any landscape, becoming almost invisible at times. From the outside, these mirrored panels are opaque, but they transfer into transparent glass from the inside, allowing plenty of natural light through the property. There’s one side clad in wood, which is the entrance – it includes a single door, with lighting on the ground to draw attention to the fact that this is a residential property. Without this feature, the box truly would blend into any surroundings, whether urban or rural. You’d never find your way home!

ÖÖD is currently selling these pods as hotel rooms, which can be shipped almost anywhere in the world – ideal for the Airbnb market. They come with everything you need to put the small building together, though it may be wise to call in an expert to ensure you’re hooked up to water and electricity resources properly!

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Alex Wright, Editor