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Maui Clifftop House Overlooking Rocky Coastline

Could there be a more perfect location for a house than on a cliff overlooking the rocky coastline of Maui? This U-shaped house has picturesque ocean views, and is situated in a sparsely populated area of the West Maui mountains, making it the ideal secluded retreat.

The home consists of a number of smaller structures, all gathered together under an IPE wood canopy – which, by the way, offers an amazing vantage point if you can clamber up to the top. The wooden rooftop helps the building fade into the landscape, as well as protecting the property from what is an occasionally harsh climate, with strong sunshine and extreme winds from time to time. All external materials have been locally sourced, and are as natural as possible, to ensure the building remains ‘in character’ when viewed in the context of its surroundings.

Within the building, you’ll find a central space with a kitchen and dining area for all residents. Branching off from this public space, there are a number of private units, which are self-contained with a bedroom and a bathroom. This gives the building the ability to perform multiple tasks – it can act as a comfortable family home, or a tiny boutique hotel for families content to share a living space. A sail loft sitting above it all acts as an over-view design studio.

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Alex Wright, Editor