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The Most Amazing Tree House You’ll Ever See

South African studio Malan Vorster has outdone itself with a stunning residence for a client who wanted a discreet hideaway in the bustling city of Cape Town. This amazing retreat is nestled comfortably in a copse of eucalyptus and oak trees, with four cylindrical towers on stilts offering spectacular views in all directions.

The four-storey high Paarman Treehouse is supported with four structural columns, with arms branching out to create large circular rings, which support the upper floors. All of the wood used in the project has been deliberately left untreated, so over time it will weather with the surroundings, blending in and becoming a part of the landscape.

The spacious home features a main living area on the first floor, with separate areas designated by the semi-circular bays created by the cylindrical columns. There’s a beautiful dining area, a patio, and the entrance to the main staircase, which takes you up to the second level. Here, you’ll find a breath-taking master bedroom enclosed by a glass balustrade, with an en-suite bathroom nestled away to the rear. To the second floor, there’s a spacious roof deck, elevated right into the tree tops, and providing a beautiful space to relax as the sun sets over Cape Town.

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Alex Wright, Editor