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This One Thing Adds 22% to a Property’s Value

Property investors looking for a good return on their investment may be interested in new research that has found that property values are significantly higher if they are located near certain supermarkets.  In fact, the research has revealed that properties located near a supermarket typically command a property price premium of 22 per cent. However, there is one supermarket chain that wins the supermarket sweep commanding a premium of almost 250 per cent! Can you guess which one it is?

Do you often invest in properties near local amenities such as a town centre, transport links or a shop to attract tenants? This latest research found living near a supermarket isn’t just handy for stocking up on your groceries, it can also increase the value of your property.

The researchers analysed values for properties near over 13,000 UK supermarkets to see which chain commanded the biggest premium and which has seen the strongest performance where house price growth was concerned.

The market analysis found that a property located near a supermarket costs £338,887 on average, which is a premium of £60,451, or 21.7 per cent, compared to the current UK average house price of £278,436.

Source GetAgent

However, when looking at the Big 4 supermarkets – Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Asda, and Morrisons, this average premium climbed even higher to 23.3 per cent, or £64,907.

The most expensive supermarket to buy near according to the research, was Whole Foods, an American chain which is popular in some parts of the country, where a nearby property will set buyers back an average of £970,147 – a 248 per cent premium versus the wider UK average. 

Unsurprisingly, premium store Waitrose also commanded a healthy property price premium at 81 per cent, this was followed by Budgens (74%), Marks & Spencer (48%), Sainsbury’s (39%), and Londis (32%).

When looking at the data for the past year, the most impressive store for local property price growth was Budgens, with property values increasing by 14 per cent. Properties surrounding The Co-Op (12%), Morrisons (11%), Waitrose (11%), and Londis (11%) have also enjoyed some of the strongest house price growth.

In terms of affordability, properties located near an Asda store can be bought for an average of £242,930, that’s -12.8% below the national average; this is followed by Lidl where nearby properties cost -10.1% below average, while homes near Aldi stores can be secured for -9.8% below average.

The research also found that supermarket house prices have outperformed the wider UK market in terms of price growth in the past year. The average UK house price has increased by 10.7 per cent since May 2021, while the average for properties near supermarkets has increased by 11.1 per cent.

Colby Short, Founder and CEO of GetAgent.co.uk that conducted the research commented: “The Waitrose Effect is a well-engineered concept that will have many homeowners buzzing with excitement should one open within arm’s reach of their home. However, if you really want to benefit from upward house price growth, it’s a Budgens you need to set your sights on when looking to buy, as homes surrounding this supermarket brand have outperformed the rest in the last year.

When it comes to the greatest level of affordability, Lidl and Aldi not only offer great value on your shop, but property prices surrounding these stores are also the lowest of all supermarkets.”




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Alex Wright, Editor