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The Most-Read Propertista Articles of 2019

As 2019 comes to an end, we thought it would be interesting to look back at the articles on Propertista that have most captured our readers’ attention this year. With this year’s Brexit twists and turns feeling like riding a rollercoaster for property buyers, sellers and landlords alike, uncertainty was the order of the day for 2019. Although Brexit, of course, was high on the agenda, we also managed to squeeze in a few lighter posts. From our hunt for houses for £50K or less to the UK’s most unusual property rentals, our top ten most-read articles of 2019 are a varied and eye-opening read.  Take a look at the Propertista 2019 top ten reads…


1. Impending EU Exit Sparks House Buying Spree

It is little surprise that a Brexit article was the most-read piece on Propertista for 2019. After months of negativity and a flat property market, this article reported an unexpectedly positive Brexit effect with just over 60 days left until the (then) Brexit deadline of 31 October, property sales swelled as buyers rushed to secure a good deal before the UK left the EU.

It is therefore quite possible that the UK will experience another property market boom in the lead up to our now ‘sure-fire’ exit on 31 January 2020.

Impending EU Exit Sparks House Buying Spree


2. Five UK Houses You Can Buy For £50,000 Or Less

Our second most-read article of 2019 reported on a challenge we set ourselves to find a freehold house in the UK for sale for £50K or less. Seeing as the last time the average UK house price was £50,000 was in 1988, we thought we’d set ourselves a pretty tough task so we were pleasantly surprised to find several sub-£50K properties in unexpectedly good locations, such as a three-bedroom house in County Durham, a stunning chapel with permission to convert in Wrexham and a three-bedroom bungalow overlooking the stunning Swansea Bay.

Take a look through the keyhole of just five of the £50K (or cheaper) properties we found

Five UK Houses You Can Buy For £50,000 Or Less


3. How to Guarantee the Highest Buy-to-Let Returns

Who doesn’t love a ‘how to’ article’? Our third most popular post discovered a key link between 17 of the UK’s top 20 postcodes generating the most rental yields. The research that looked at postcodes commanding the highest rental yields in the UK found almost all of the top 20 rental yield locations were located within a stone’s throw of a university.

Find out which university towns secured the highest buy-to-let returns by reading our article here.

How to Guarantee the Highest Buy-to-Let Returns



4. Chivalry Road – A Stunning Refurbishment by Sketch Architects

Our next top viewed article featured a stunning property conversion on Chivalry Road, London. The property in question was a typical terraced property with a small basement with rooms that felt dark, disconnected and not family friendly. We were in awe of the architect’s design which transformed the property into a stylish, light and user-friendly home. The development was one of our favourite renovation projects to date.

Chivalry Road – A Stunning Refurbishment By Sketch Architects



5. Unlocking the Hidden Value in Your Buy-to-Let Property

In our fifth top-read article of 2019, we looked at how savvy landlords are adding value to their buy-to-let properties by refurbishing them – a win-win for tenants and landlords alike.

As well as ensuring a property is in a good enough condition to rent, refurbishment is also typically found to bolster a rental property’s value and income potential. But did a larger spend on a refurb. result in a larger return on a landlord’s investment? Find out by reading our article Unlocking the Hidden Value in Your Buy-to-Let Property.

Unlocking the Hidden Value in Your Buy-to-Let Property


6. Revealed – The UK’s Most Popular Property Hotspots

Our next most viewed article of 2019 revealed the most popular locations to buy a property in the UK.

According to research from UK property portal Zoopla, the location outside of London that was crowned the UK’s favourite place to buy was the beautiful city of Swansea in Wales. Llanelli in Carmarthenshire, also in South Wales, was the second most searched for town on the Zoopla platform, followed by Leicester, Preston then Stoke-on-Trent. The beautiful village of Hampstead famed for its cobbled streets, upmarket boutiques and one of London’s best-loved green spaces Hampstead Heath was the most searched for area in London.

Find out where else topped Zoopla’s list as the UK’s most search for property locations.

Revealed – The UK’s Most Popular Property Hotspots


7. London’s Most Expensive Rental Properties

We really loved writing Propertista’s next top viewed post of 2019, where we searched the UK’s leading property portals to discover London’s Most Expensive Rental Properties. From a stunning penthouse apartment on London’s prestigious Park Lane in Mayfair costing an incredible £281,000 per month to rent to an eight-bedroom detached house with an indoor swimming pool in Camden for £151K per month, you can imagine the heights of luxury living we discovered. Why not take a peek through the keyhole of London’s priciest property rentals…  


London’s Most Expensive Rental Properties


8. The Six Weirdest Rental Properties in the UK

Another post that really captured readers’ imaginations was our recent piece The Six Weirdest Rental Properties in the UK, which featured some of the UK’s more unusual rental properties including a historic sea fort in the Solent, an underground bunker in Cornwall and some delightfully converted train carriages in Suffolk. Check out the article for the other quirky property rentals we found…

The Six Weirdest Rental Properties in the UK


9. The International Properties You Could Buy for the Price of a London Flat

A further fascinating article saw us journey from New York to Los Angeles, Dubai, Qatar, Japan and South Africa to discover the amazing international properties you could buy for the price of a London flat (i.e. £399,011). And boy, did we find some great ones. Take a look

The International Properties You Could Buy for the Price of a London Flat


10. Revealed: The One Simple Thing that Adds £180k to a Property’s Value

Last but by no means least, we discovered one simple feature that can add £180K to a property’s value. There are so many ways to add value to your home from converting the attic or cellar to installing a new, top of the range open-plan kitchen or an all-singing, all-dancing, modern bathroom. Even simple, low-cost activities such as painting the front door or cutting back an unsightly, overgrown garden can add a decent amount of money to your property price. However, according to new research, there is a sure-fire way to add an incredible £180k to a property’s value without doing any work yourself. Find out what this mystery feature is…

Revealed: The One Simple Thing that Adds £180k to a Property’s Value





What was your favourite Propertista post of 2019? We’d love to hear…

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