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Residential Creative Space in Israel

The Rishpon Art House is a residential art gallery situated in Tel Aviv, Israel. The building was the result of a long relationship between architects Studio de Lange and clients who wanted to create a modernist space to showcase their artwork, while also functioning as a comfortable and stylish family home.

The property consists of two rectangular blocks which sit in a T-shape and are connected by a glazed walkway. As you’d expect, the entire building is extremely minimalist, allowing the art to take centre stage. The architects themselves said of the building: “It is the owners’ art and design collection, intertwined with the architecture that creates this home’s elegant atmosphere.” Clearly, this is a case where the owners’ own artistic nous has informed the design of a property just as much as the architects.

The exposed cement exterior and blank white walls inside help to create the classic gallery aesthetic, with the soft furnishings adding the comfortable touches that indicate a family resides here. The interior is open-plan and monochromatic, and the family enjoy a large garden and pool outside.

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Alex Wright, Editor