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Flying Visit? Stay in this Helicopter Hotel Room

This helicopter hotel room is taking glamping to the next level. The converted Sea King helicopter is situated in the breathtaking surroundings of Stirling in Scotland, and you can book a stay in this unique accommodation for just £150 / $200 per night.

The helicopter was snapped up in a Ministry of Defence auction, where it sold for just £7,000 in 2016. The vehicle was then transported by road the 320 miles from its MOD home to Stirling, where it took a crane to lift it into position on the campsite.

The exterior of the helicopter has been fully restored, with new rotor blades and gleaming paintwork. The lights inside have also been kept as they would have been if the helicopter was operational – so when guests are inside at night, it looks as though it could take off at any moment.

The spacious interior has been transformed into a charming and totally unique holiday home. It may not look particularly roomy from the outside, but the helicopter can sleep a family of five easily, with a double and triple bed (and a single crammed into the tail). Many of the original features have been restored, from the dashboard to the foot pedals, so guests can sit in the cockpit and pretend they’re about to take off on their own mission.

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Alex Wright, Editor